The main class teacher and the parents will be partners in co-teaching the child. The teacher will conduct opening and closing calls for the class, and will provide written instructions and videos for the lessons. The parents as ‘co-teachers’ shall assist their child/ren in terms of accessing the necessary lesson materials and also to address individual concerns that the child may have. As co-teachers, the parents and teachers shall have regular and open communication. The first 2-3 weeks of classes shall make the necessary foundation in terms of the distance-learning habits. Depending on the child’s age, a level of independence can be established during these first weeks.

Parent or guardian needs to guide the child while s/he is online for those in kindergarten and grades 1-4. For grades 5-7, this is only necessary for the first two to three weeks while the children are getting used to learning online. Parent participation can be adjusted based on the age and the level of independence of a particular child.

In an effort to continue learning that involves the head, heart and hands, the distance learning the Balay Sofia teachers came up with includes lessons and activities that encourage exploration, thinking, creativity, movement, and self-expression even if it is from the confines of a home. For this curriculum to be truly effective, it requires an even higher level of collaboration between teachers and parents.

Online communication platforms:

  • The school has its own Google Workspace. Students will be given an official student email for privacy and data protection.
  • Google Classroom will be used to access lesson materials and other class instructions
  • Google Meet will be used for calls and meetings

Parent guides will be provided by the school. Included in these are lesson plans, daily rhythm examples, stories, circle songs and games as resources to use in the home. Parents may also opt to get demonstration videos of certain activities such as painting, knitting, games and the like Class materials: Most of the needed materials for Main lessons will be provided every block (4 to 6 weeks). Some art and music materials (for painting, drawing, flute, violin) must be provided by the school. A list of these items shall be given to you during Class Orientations.