Enrollment FAQs

What is your media policy?

Education and human development research from many organizations and countries speaks to the negative effects of large amounts of media on children, particularly in the preschool and grade school years.

Waldorf education has long been grounded in the belief that media exposure is counterproductive to the development of imagination and memory and the ability to entertain oneself, especially in the younger grades. While we know that most families have some media as part of the home experience, we encourage families to significantly limit or discontinue exposure to television, movies, video games, computers and other entertainment media. At the very minimum, we request families to maintain a no-media policy during the school week.

We acknowledge that this can be a difficult transition, especially if the student has had a lot of media interaction prior to Waldorf school attendance. We are supportive of our families making this transition. Talk to your teacher for ideas on how to make this transition.

Will my child have difficulties transferring into a class?

The transition seems to vary with the temperament of the child, how well he or she adjusts to changes, and the grade of the transfer.