Other Waldorf Schools

Acacia Waldorf School

The Acacia Waldorf School mission is the Education of the Child: Head, Heart and Hands. We envision a school where children are nurtured to become loving, respectful, free, courageous and committed individuals who will become good leaders and citizens of the world.

Manila Waldorf School

The Manila Waldorf School is the pioneer school of Steiner education in the Philippines. Steiner (or Waldorf) education is one of the fastest growing non-traditional educational movements in the world. The school offers a full kindergarten to high school program.

Waldorf Today

Waldorf Today is the vision of David Kennedy, a social entrepreneur, artist craftsman, teacher and businessman.

David apprenticed as a stained glass artist following high school and became an expert in new construction as well as restoration, often working with centuries old glass, including original Tiffany glass. He studied plant dyeing and tapestry design at the University of Louisville with Alma Lesch, one of the country’s foremost natural dyeing experts.

Gamot Cogon Waldorf School

The education initiative is set up to provide Steiner/Waldorf Education to all children, regardless of economic background or religious affiliation.