About Us

BALAY SOFIA  is a parent-initiated, community-driven, non-profit school that offers Steiner/Waldorf education for Pre-Kindergarten through Classes 1 to 7.


Balay Sofia is an institution rooted on wisdom, strength and love. It is a sustainable learning community of individuals dedicated and committed towards a better world by cherishing, protecting and guiding children and each other.  It is a school where children grow to be truthful, compassionate and responsible human beings who can impart meaning to their own lives and the lives of others. Balay Sofia serves to inspire its larger community in creating a healthier, more beautiful place to live in.


  • To enable the members of the BALAY SOFIA community to co-create, experience, and realize a harmonious balance of the head, heart and hands through a creative, sustainable educational impulse which embraces the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy.
  • To provide a nurturing, holistic, and high-quality learning environment through a full K to 12 Steiner-Waldorf school and to enable children of diverse social, cultural and economic backgrounds to have access to this kind of education.
  • To nurture an educational space where members of the local and larger community can discover and implement new creative initiatives.


Balay Sofia recognizes the star that lives in everyone it meets and it aspires to become the epitome of a star- a bright beacon of light to others.


Balay Sofia is an institution that utilizes the most engaging and imaginative educational practices. It is an environment where each person’s unique abilities are encouraged and enabled to flourish. It is a place where children, as well as adults, can unfold and discover their authentic selves.


Balay Sofia esteems the divine in everything; people, spaces and things. Care and concern permeate its habits and a gentle respect and awe envelope its work within the institution and the larger community it belongs to.


Balay Sofia believes in honesty in thought, word and deed. It aligns itself to truth and goodness, and believes in developing courage for all its members to pursue what is right, true and good.


Balay Sofia believes that inner beauty translates to outer beauty. The order, love and care we feel for the things that surround us translate to ways by which we present ourselves; through our work and our surroundings. Beauty permeates in the education we give to children as well as the quality of work we offer to the community.


Balay Sofia believes in manifesting the will to pursue excellence. We believe in becoming the model truly worthy of imitation. We believe in becoming the change we would like to see in this world.


Balay Sofia began in 2008 as a Saturday parent-child program which aimed to provide parents and their children an ideal atmosphere for bonding and learning. The library of one of the parents of the school was transformed into the play garden space.  Initially known as Baguio Sofia Playgarden, Balay Sofia now serves students from  Pre-Kindergarten through Classes 1 to 7.

We are growing and welcoming more students each year as we bring strong and vibrant educational opportunities to the children of Baguio City. In accordance to the Department of Education’s directive, Balay Sofia shall a new grade school level every year until we are able to offer Class 12.